Custom Running Kit

Novice through to professional athlete, we strive to provide high quality kit for everyone. 

Our custom running kit is perfect for athletes to represent their clubs and organisations with pride. 

Custom kit is often expensive and requires high minimum order quantities. With affordable prices and minimum order quantities of just 5 items, we strive to be as flexible as possible allowing clubs both small and large to enjoy custom kit. 

Custom Running Vests

Performance running vests can be customised with many colours and style. Perfect for the gym or running, we provide male and female specific designs. 

Performance T-shirts

Performance t-shirts are perfect for pre and post race, make excellent supporters kit and are super comfy to run in or hit the gym in! 

Neck Buffs

Our neck buffs can be fully customised to fit your brand identity. 

Neck buffs come with a minimum order of 25. 25 neck buffs can be ordered at just £5 per neck buff, with larger orders attracting bigger discounts. 

Tech T-shirts

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Tech t-shirts come with a minimum order of 10. 10 T-shirts can be ordered at just £12 per t-shirt, with larger orders attracting bigger discounts. 

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